Affiliated Organisations

What is an affiliated organisation?

The 2012 Annual General Meeting approved an amendment to the Rules of the Association that sought to clarify the position of Clubs or Organisations that use the prefix "Old Southendian".

Any Organisation with its own Constitution wishing to use the prefix "Old Southendian" shall submit application for affiliation to the Honorary Secretary of the Association for consideration by the Executive Committee. The Association is not responsible for the day to day operation or any financial liabilities of any affiliated organisation.

Under the Rules of the Association, the following are Affiliated Organisations and entitled to use the prefix "Old Southendian":

Old Southendian & Southchurch Cricket Club 

Old Southendian Football Club

Old Southendian Hockey Club

Old Southendian Organ Society

The following organisations using the prefix "Old Southendian" are not affiliated under the Rules of the Association and have permission to use the prefix with the direct agreement of the School:

Old Southendian Lodge No. 5403

Old Southendian Chapter No. 5403