AGM Minutes 2015


 Held On Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

at Thorpe Hall Golf Club, Thorpe Hall Avenue, Thorpe Bay, Southend on Sea




Tony Barrett, Ken Carter, Colin Davis, Dan Garside, Graham Glover, Derek Impey, Paul Johnson, Geoff Kittle, Richard Maddison, Kerry Martin, Geoff May, Richard Medcalf, Clive Shiret, Chris Sorrell, Keith Spenceley, Martin Stansfield, Gerald Usher, Joe Zammit.


The Meeting commenced at 7.55 p.m.




Robin Baker, Dr Robin Bevan (Headteacher), Richard Cox, Lesley Fleming, John Goodman, Claire Kirkland, Neil Moore, Andy Smithson.


Dr Robin Bevan had asked that the Meeting be made aware of his “deep appreciation of the support from the OSA to the school, throughout the last year” when conveying his apologies for absence.


MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING held on Wednesday, 5th November, 2014:


Proposed by Tony Barrett and Seconded by Geoff Kittle, the Meeting agreed that they were a fair and honest reflection of the business undertaken.








The Report by Clive Shiret appeared in the 2015 Magazine. He gave thanks to the Officers and sub-Committee members for their work on behalf of the Association


Particular thanks were expressed to Martin Stansfield for his liaison work with the School and the progress achieved with the extra-curricular programme.


Joe Zammit was welcomed to his first OSA AGM and congratulated for the successful Organ Society Event held at the School in September.




The Report by Dan Garside on the financial position of the Association was included in the 2015 Magazine with a copy of the Financial Accounts for the year ended 31/03/2015. The Treasurer advised the meeting:

  • The Debtors figure at the date of the balance sheet included £3200, of which £2200 had now been collected from Magazine advertisers

  • Costs of the publication of the OSA Magazine had been managed carefully without any adverse impact on the quality of the Magazine, and messages of appreciation had been received from members for the 2015 edition


    The Treasurer expressed particular thanks to Richard Medcalf for his feedback on the financial statements of the OSA.


    Adoption of the Accounts for the year ended 31/03/2015 was Proposed by Richard Maddison and Seconded by Tony Barrett.







    The change as set out in the Notice to the Meeting was proposed by Chris Sorrell, seconded by Graham Glover, and approved by the Meeting.


    The change saw the removal of the Pre-Paid Life Scheme, which had now ended, from OSA Rules, and grateful thanks were expressed to Richard Medcalf for his work administering the Scheme over many years.


    REPORTS of:



    Pre-Paid Life Subscription Scheme:


    Richard Medcalf advised the meeting that all Scheme monies had now been transferred to the OSA and the final 12 subscribers had become Life Members. The small number of part payments will be ring-fenced in case reclaimed by the subscribers within the statute period of 12 years, if unclaimed will be transferred to Association funds but it is hoped that these Members of the Scheme will want to complete their payments to become Life Members.




    At the request of the Chairman, Ken Carter read out his Report for the Executive Meeting following the AGM:


    “The 57th London Dinner took place on the 25th September at The Caledonian Club in Belgravia who looked after us very well. A bumper attendance of 86 Old Boys enjoyed an excellent evening. It should not be forgotten that this Event involves months of planning and many thanks are due to Graham Glover, the ‘Manager’ for this Event, and Chris Sorrell for all their hard work on our behalf.


    Martin Stansfield reports that Clive and himself recently met with Lynne Peek to discuss possible opportunities for OSA funding of Sixth Form enrichment. Lynne has produced a list of several ideas for further discussion.


    The Autumn Lunch took place on the 22nd October at the Essex Golf Complex at Garon Park. This Event was a sell out with 42 Old Boys and wives/partners booked in. In the days leading up to the Event there were unfortunately a few call offs due to illness, etc. However, it was most pleasing to have Viddy Moss and Angela Morris there. [ We now have 4 widows who wish to be kept advised of our mixed Events, so this sub-Committee will ensure that they each receive a copy of future Events Newsletters ]. The Carvery Lunch was enjoyed by all and thanks are due to Derek Impey the ‘Manager’ for this Event.


    The next scheduled Event is our flag ship Event, the 86th Annual Reunion Dinner, being held on 7th November at the Park Inn Palace.


    At the last Executive Committee Meeting held on 9th September, a lack of time did not allow for a full debate to take place on my circulated Discussion Sheet headed ‘ Events sub-Committee – The Future ’. Thoughts expressed during the time that was available are included in the circulated Minutes of this Meeting. I have since received some additional thoughts by email. Hopefully, time will permit a more full debate to take place at the forthcoming AGM and/or Executive Committee Meeting.  


    Finally, as previously reported, this sub-Committee next meets on the 19th November to commence planning the Events Programme for 2016.”


    It was agreed that a discussion regarding the Discussion Sheet and the feedback received was an Executive matter and would be taken forward at a future meeting.


    It was noted that four widows of former members would each receive a copy of Events’ newsletters, which Ken Carter would organise.




    The Report by Dr Robin Bevan was included in the 2015 Magazine.




    The Reports of the Bowls Circle, the Golf Circle and the Organ Society were included in the 2015 Magazine. The Organ Society was reported as having now completed the formalities for its Constitution, and would be making application to the OSA for affiliated status shortly.


    Richard Maddison spoke representing the newly formed Angling Section. On the 2nd November, eight intrepid Old Boys took to the water for sea fishing  in foggy conditions from Wallasea for the first of what it is hoped will be many similar Events. Thanks are due to Nick Robins for organising. It was noted that consideration needs to be given to Insurance arrangements for the activities of the Section.




    The Reports of the Old Southendian & Southchurch Cricket Club, Old Southendian Football Club and Old Southendian Hockey Club were included in the 2015 Magazine.




    The Meeting approved the appointment of the following:


    # Chairman (of the Executive Committee)*                                 Clive Shiret

    President (until 31 December 2015)*                                          Richard Maddison

    President (with effect from 01 January 2016)*                             Martin Stansfield

    Immediate Past President (until 31 December 2015)                    Tony Barrett

    Immediate Past President (with effect from 01 January 2016)*     Richard Maddison

    President Designate (until 31 December 2015)*                           Martin Stansfield

    President Designate (with effect from 01 January 2016)*              Graham Glover

    Treasurer*                                                                                Dan Garside

    Secretary*                                                                                Keith Spenceley

    Registrar*                                                                                 Geoff May

    Legal Adviser*                                                                           Kevin Leigh

    Publications Officer*                                                                   Chris Sorrell


    # serving as Executive Committee Chairman from the 2013 AGM until the 2016 AGM


    In addition to the Officers marked*, all of whom are ex officio, the following were elected to the Executive Committee until the 2016 AGM – Robin Baker, Ken Carter, Richard Cox, Simon Darby, Colin Davis,  Geoff Kittle, Kerry Martin, Neil Moore, Gerald Usher, Graham Winckless, John Wren, Joe Zammit.


    Richard Maddison, on behalf of the Succession sub-Committee, proposed that Graham Glover be President Designate for 2016 and therefore OSA President in 2017. The proposal was seconded by Tony Barrett and approved with acclaim by the Meeting.


    Paul Johnson had advised that after 11 years in the role of Secretary, he would not be seeking re-election at the 2015 AGM. The Meeting expressed its thanks for his work as Secretary over this period.


    Keith Spenceley was introduced to the Meeting for the role of OSA Secretary and was proposed by Richard Maddison, seconded by Martin Stansfield and approved by the Meeting.


    Derek Impey had advised the Secretary that he did not wish to seek re-election to the Executive Committee. He was thanked for his input and contribution to the affairs of the Association, the Meeting was pleased to learn that Derek will be continuing as a member of the Events’ sub-Committee.


    Executive Committee representatives from the Affiliated Organisations are advised as:

    Cricket Club   Chris Sorrell

    Football Club  Clive Shiret

    Hockey Club   Andy Smithson


    It was noted that after many years of sterling service to the Bowls Circle, Neil Moore was handing over the organisation to Trevor Johnson. It was not clear whether Neil would continue to represent the Bowls Circle with the OSA Executive Committee.


    Paul East of Wilkins Kennedy will be asked to continue as Honorary Auditor.




    The Meeting agreed the date should be 2/11/2016.




    Geoff May reported on the work post 2015 Magazine to update the Membership database, and mentioned the news received recently of the passing of Ted Morris and Wally Allen. It had been discovered following the return of a message that Air Marshal Sir Frank Martyn Holroyd KBE CB FREng FRAeS had “Gone Away” that he had in fact died in March 2014. An obituary had been located, and this sad news would be included in the 2016 Magazine. Currently dealing with a number returned 2015 Magazines and trying to trace the new whereabouts of the recipients.


    Chris Sorrell mentioned a letter received from the son of Bertie Burch expressing thanks for the Magazine memorial following Bertie’s passing earlier this year. It is hoped to visit Jack Hobbs, now aged 99 and living in Norfolk, in the near future with Clive Shiret. Following a letter to the School from David Coates enclosing some old OSA Magazines, it was identified that David was a “Lost” OSA member whose contact details had changed some 30 years ago without advice to the OSA. He has now been restored to the database as an Active member, and he hopes to attend the forthcoming Spring Lunch.


    Richard Medcalf asked if the OSA might have a role to play in offering pastoral care to Members in need of such support.  This question was raised in the light of the circumstances of Dave Juniper, for whom Ron Henn was providing considerable support. The meeting was reminded also of the circumstances of Nigel Baker.  A number of members spoke regarding the potential scope of such involvement having regard for the size of the OSA Membership and its distribution, and of issues around Safeguarding. It was agreed that this matter be considered at the first Executive Meeting of 2016.


    The Meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.