OSA Annual General Meeting Minutes 2016


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Old Southendian Association

held at The Southendian Club, Garon Park, Southend on Sea,

on Tuesday, 1st November 2016 commencing at 8.03 pm.


Those Present:

Clive Shiret (Chair)

Robin Bevan

Ken Carter

Dan Garside

Graham Glover

Derek Impey

Rob Johnston

Geoff Kittle

Geoff May

Alistair McFarlane

Richard Olson

Chris Sorrell

Andy Smithson

Keith Spenceley

Martin Stansfield

Gerald Usher

Margaret Williams

Joe Zammit








Apologies for Absence had been received from Robin Baker, Simon Darby, Colin Davis, Trevor Johnson, Claire Kirby, Kevin Leigh, Richard Maddison, Kerry Martin and Graham Winckless.

 Clive Shiret (in the Chair) opened the Meeting by apologising for the late change of venue.  The original venue, Thorpe Hall Golf Club, had made an error with the room booking.



Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 4th November 2015:

With one minor amendment, the same were approved on a proposal by Gerald Usher, seconded by Martin Stansfield and signed by the Chairman.




Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 4th November 2015:

There were none.









Chairman's Report:

The Report by Clive Shiret appeared in the 2016 Magazine.  He expressed his thanks Officers and Sub-Committee members for their work on behalf of the Association, making special mention of Ken Carter, who was standing down as Chair of the Events Sub-Committee, and Joe Zammit, who had worked extremely hard to progress the application of the Organ Society for affiliated status of the Association. 

Clive also congratulated Dr Robin Bevan on another excellent year for the School and said that it had given him great pleasure to present cheques from the Association of £1,000.00 to the Music Department, the 6th Form, and the Sports Department and of £500.00 to the Science Department, as part of the Association's extra-curricular programme to enrich the lives of the students in ways which the School could no longer fund.  He said that he had been able to explain to a number of new members of staff the links between the School and the Association and to confirm to them that, as members of staff, they were able to join the Association.

Dr Bevan said that he had only recently confirmed to the staff that, in his time as Head of the School, the Association had given over £20,000.00 in various ways to the School and, on behalf of the School, he was extremely appreciative of the efforts of the Association.








Treasurer's Report:

The Report by Dan Garside on the financial position of the Association appeared in the 2016 Magazine.  The Accounts to March 2016 showed a healthy surplus, but a funds reduction overall of £1,540.00.  However, this was a conscious decision of the Executive in order to fund the extra-curricular programme at the School and, even so, the Association was still sitting on funds of almost £43,000.00.  Dan forecast that the Accounts to March 2017 would show a break even position or a small deficit as the majority of the donations to the School had been handed over in this financial year.  He expressed his grateful thanks to Richard Medcalf for his assistance with the Association's financial statements.

Dan confirmed that he was happy to recommend the Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2016 to the Meeting.  The same were adopted on a proposal by Graham Glover, seconded by Ken Carter.  The Meeting recorded a vote of thanks to Dan for his sterling efforts as Treasurer.














Old Southendian Organ Society - Move to Affiliated Status

The Chairman confirmed that the Organ Society had grown in stature and importance in recent years thanks to great work by Gerald Usher and Jo Zammit, promoting the arts and especially organ music, together with the preservation of the school organ. 

OSOS had now put an excellent case to the Executive Committee to apply to become an Affiliated Organisation of the Association.  It was confirmed that OSOS was an "open club" and that one did not have to be a member of the Association to become a member of OSOS.  The application of OSOS had been approved by the Executive Committee and, on its behalf, Clive proposed that OSOS be granted affiliated status.  The same was approved unanimously.








Report of Sub Committees, the School, the Clubs and the Affiliated Organisations:

The Reports were all included in the 2016 Magazine and no further matters were reported.


























The Election of Officers, the Executive Committee and the Honorary Auditor:

The Meeting approved the appointment of the following Officers:

# Chairman (of the Executive Committee)*                                          Clive Shiret

President (until 31 December 2016)*                                                   Martin Stansfield

President (with effect from 01 January 2017)*                                      Graham Glover

Immediate Past President (until 31 December 2016)                              Richard Maddison

Immediate Past President (with effect from 01 January 2017)*               Martin Stansfield

President Designate (until 31 December 2016)*                                    Graham Glover

President Designate (with effect from 01 January 2017)*                       Kevin Leigh

Treasurer*                                                                                         Dan Garside

Secretary*                                                                                         Keith Spenceley

Registrar*                                                                                          Geoff May

Legal Adviser*                                                                                    Kevin Leigh

Publications Officer*                                                                            Chris Sorrell

# serving as Executive Committee Chairman from the 2016 AGM until the 2019 AGM.

In addition to the Officers marked*, all of whom are ex officio, the following were elected to the Executive Committee until the 2017 AGM - Robin Baker, Ken Carter, Richard Cox, Simon Darby, Robert Johnston, Geoff Kittle, Richard Maddison, Kerry Martin, Gerald Usher, Graham Winckless and Joe Zammit.  Rob Johnston was welcomed onto the Executive Committee for the first time.

Martin Stansfield, on behalf of the Succession Sub-Committee, proposed that Kevin Leigh be President Designate for 2017 and therefore OSA President in 2018. The proposal was seconded by Graham Glover and approved by the Meeting.  Keith Spenceley advised that Kevin, in tendering his apologies for the Meeting, had said how honoured he was to be asked by the Association to be its President in 2018.

Executive Committee representatives from the Affiliated Organisations are advised as:

Cricket Club                               Chris Sorrell

Football Club                             Clive Shiret

Hockey Club                              Andy Smithson

Organ Society                          Joe Zammit

Paul East of Wilkins Kennedy will be asked to continue as Honorary Auditor.





Date of the next Annual General Meeting:

The Meeting agreed that the date should be Wednesday, 8th November 2017, with the time and venue to be advised.






Any Other Competent Business:

There being none, the Meeting closed at 8.28 pm.



Keith Spenceley, General Secretary.

2nd November 2016.