Saluting the Flag at Southend

The following is taken from “The Southend and Westcliff Graphic”, June 12th 1908 edition. The Association is grateful to Shaun Farrelly (Troy, 1964 - 1970) who discovered and provided the newspaper for inclusion with the other records held regarding the School.

Saluting the Flag at Southend

An interesting ceremony took place in front of the Technical School on Friday morning when Mr William Gregson formally presented the school with a new flagstaff and Union Jack.

Some 400 Scholars were drawn up in a semi-circle facing the flag, and patriotic addresses were given by Mr Gregson, the Mayor, and Mr J Hitchcock, the head master.

Miss Mabel Dowsett, the senior girl prefect, unfurled the flag, which was saluted by the school, after which Bernard Keen, the senior boy prefect, gave an oration.

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