Ties, Ladies Scarves & Cufflinks

Show your membership of the OSA!

The following items are available for purchase by Members of the Association:

Traditional (Green and Black) tie - polyester £5.50 or silk £12.50

Cufflinks - £27.50 per pair

Ladies lapel pins - £11.00

The above items are available from Dan Garside on 01702 612112 or at dangarside66@gmail.com.


Summer tie - silk £12.00

The above item is available from Chris Sorrell on 01702 207972 or at hockleystalky@yahoo.com. 


Ladies silk scarves - £20.00

The above item is available from Gillian Porter at gillianporter@btinternet.com. 


The above prices all exclude postage and packing. 








Ladies Scarf


Traditional Tie

Summer Tie